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Stout Americano Release

I know coffee. Rather, I know I like coffee. Can’t start a day without it. But my wife, she LOVES coffee. With a passion. She’s turned the kitchen into a science lab, what with the French press, Aeropress, the Chemex beaker thing, a Keurig for the “OMG I slept through my alarm!!!” days, etc. She’s even started wondering aloud about how could we swing one of those $10,000 fancy Clover coffee machines. I tell her to start a blog. Only a two-blogger family can afford such things.
But a coffee is only as good as the beans used to make it, a fact our Marble brewers were well aware of when choosing a roaster to assist in the planning of our annual Stout Americano. And the choice was easy: David and Juan Certain, whose Villa Myriam single-source coffee comes straight from their family’s plantation in Piendamo, Columbia. Their grandfather began practicing the art of growing and selecting the perfect coffee beans there almost sixty years ago. You most likely have tried their coffee at The Brew on Gold St. If so, you’ll understand why we chose their beans for this “brew” of our own. More specifically, we chose highly-concentrated cold brew (46.5 gallons of it!) and blended that into 19 barrels of our base Americano beer. The base is sightly different from our house Oatmeal Stout, with a higher ABV of 7.2% and minus the roasted barley. A higher addition of chocolate malt was added to the Americano, which complements the coffee nicely.
The release party for this eye-opener takes place on Wednesday, March 23 at 5 pm. With each Americano purchased, customers will receive a perfectly-paired pecan cinnamon swirl bread treat from Great Harvest. Musical guests feature 12 Step Rebels, followed by JD Wilkes from 6-9 downtown and Stacy and Kay Kay Mac from 6-9 at the Westside tap room. Oh! And we bottled only 70 cases of the Stout Americano, so get yours while they last.
Before you crack open that bottle of Stout Americano, your eyes will be drawn to the artwork that wraps around the label. The piece is a downtown Albuquerque mural entitled “The Mother Road”, by Joe Stephenson & Working Classroom. Unfortunately, the mural was vandalized recently. The mural can be restored, thanks to an anti-graffiti coating. But Working Classroom could use your help raising money for the restoration fee. Visit to learn more.