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A Real Americano Hero

Coffee stout- just another perc of drinking at Marble Brewery. Ok, now that the groans have subsided, please fill your Garfield “I Hate Mornings” coffee cup with your drink of choice and enjoy this tale of Stout Americano.

Yes, once again Marble is throwing a party for a limited release beer, this one being the Stout Americano. On Wednesday, March 22, all three locations will have the beer on tap and in 22 oz. bottles. And yes, this release party beginning at 5 will feature a food pairing, this time a treat from Farina Alto. Farina’s two locations are known for making some of the best pizza in the city. And while pizza and beer may possibly be the best pairing imaginable, pizza and coffee stout…not so much! So Brewmaster Josh Trujillo and the Farina folks came up with a dessert to complement the beer: dark chocolate biscotti with fennel and cinnamon. This may be the first time you’ve felt compelled to dunk food into your beer. An extra cheese and pepperoni slice dipped in IPA…not so much!

Of course, Josh’s prime focus is on the beer itself. The base beer is a variation of the award-winning Oatmeal Stout, but Josh removed the roasted barley from this recipe. “I wanted to take out the roastiness and used Chocolate and Carafa malts to bring out notes of chocolate, toffee, and molasses”, he explains.

The coffee is once again supplied by cold brew masters Villa Myriam. This locally owned beanery gets its goods from the family farm in Columbia, where the beans are grown and sent to Albuquerque for roasting by David Certain, who, along with his brother Juan, makes up the Villa Myriam team. “Cold brew” refers to the coffee being steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours, resulting in a highly concentrated but less acidic coffee. The concentrate is then cut with water and, in this case, beer as well.

Brewmaster Josh secured a copious amount of Villa Myriam cold brew and blended different amounts of the coffee with stout. He then gathered brewery and office staff (because who knows coffee better than office people? Doesn’t matter what they do, just the fact that the work in an office makes them experts) and had them taste each batch. The Goldilocks effect took place among the polled – this batch has too little coffee, this one too much, and finally this just right one, with 47 gallons of cold brew coffee mixed with 30 barrels of beer. Ladies and gentleman, Marble’s 2017 Stout Americano.

People often wonder about the caffeine content in coffee beers. The Stout Americano only contains around 40 mg per pint. To put that into perspective: the same amount of tea has about 48 mg. That can of Diet Coke? 46 mg. A 12 oz. “tall” from America’s best-known coffee company? Oh, only 240 mg. So don’t spend any more restless nights worrying about restless nights from drinking Stout Americano. Perfect for breakfast, perfect as a nightcap. Beat that, Ovaltine!