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Marble Eastside Brewing System: Whatever Dreams May Come

As if Marble didn’t have enough going on with a 7,000 sq. ft. brewery expansion and a new canning line that spans ten football fields (slight exaggeration), they decided to open another taproom. And they figured, hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we just add in a whole new brewery?
Now, as anyone who has embarked on a project and spent way more time and money at Home Depot than they envisioned, building stuff is never easy. But hey, Marble’s first brewery was built back when they only had those Time/Life how-to books available. Today, they have the advantage of YouTube videos.
So, they decided to go big and put in a brand new 10-barrel system, manufactured in the good ol’ USA by Premier Stainless Systems in Escondido, CA. The system is steam jacketed, an efficient system because “steam provides the fastest kettle temperature ramp rates as a result of shear surface area contact” as the technical guides will tell you. The Premier system also features an oversized mash tun, “To add flexibility to our brewing system”, says Marble President Ted Rice. One way it adds flexibility is to allow for more grain to be added in the mash, which makes for the perfect system in brewing higher gravity beers…not that anyone likes those! Aside from the high-gravity beers, the plan is to feature the flavors of different hop varieties in a number of single hop beers. Kettle sours will also play a large part at the new location, following up on popular Marble kettle beers like the Rita. Really, the new brewery is a playground for Head Brewer Josh Trujillo and his crew, and as Ted puts it, “gives our brewers an opportunity to express their wild side.” Four 10-barrel fermenters and a 20-barrel fermenter will ensure room for an ever-rotating lineup of brewing innovation.
And it may not just be Marble brewers throwing their ideas into that oversized mash tun. Marble recognizes the part local homebrewers have played in shaping the Albuquerque brewing community. You may have encountered “The Homebrewer” in a taproom, at a fest, or on a brewery tour. “The Homebrewer” is the one peppering the tour guide with any number of thoughtful questions, such as, “Do you adjust the pH of your water to match the pH of the water of Burton-on-Trent in order to achieve a proper ale?” Meanwhile, you’re standing there, just hoping the tour will be over soon so you can get to those free beer samples. Understandable. But those enthusiastic homebrewers share the same respect for and excitement about beer that Marble does, so Marble is exploring the possibility of allowing some homebrewers to scale up their beers to a 10-barrel system and have it served in the pub. That would be down the road a bit, so hold off on the phone calls and emails, please.

For now, take advantage of the expanded parking the new location offers (there are plenty of spots in the lot south of Marble, not just the ones you see when turning in from Montgomery) kick back in the new biergarten, and savor the creative and characteristically funkified Marble beers that Josh and and the team dream up!