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Calling All Artists

Have you ever had one of your drawings proudly displayed on the family refrigerator?
Have you taken that test where you draw a turtle and pirate and get told by an art school that they will indeed be happy to take your money?
Or maybe you’re just a person with a talent and a voice that can only be expressed through your art. Well, maybe we could use your help…
Our Marble Westside Tap Room is completing expansion, but the wall behind our stage is glaringly naked. We are looking for an artist who shares the bold, funkified vision of Marble and our city at large to create a mural that best fits the flavor of our tap room. The wall dimensions are 35′ 3″ X 10′, so think big- we always do! Come down to one of our tap rooms, sip an Imperial Stout for inspiration, and start sketching out your ideas. And while we know that all true artists create their works for the sake of art itself, the winner will be compensated and art supplies paid for. “Starving artist” only sounds hip until it’s time to pay the rent, plus we want you to be able to buy Marble beer!  Ideas should be sent to Deadline for Submissions is March 1.