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Three Cheers For Seven Years!

Seven Years!

At Marble we love what we do. We appreciate the finer things in life and love working with others who do also. When doing anything (especially when creating a consumable product) being meticulous and unwavering in execution is crucial. When you blend this with a fun, inviting, and warm environment for people to come together, you’ve really got something. Our great friends at Farm and Table do just that. They are farmers, as well as restauranteurs. They are deeply committed to quality in every aspect of their business, and have received numerous awards and accolades for doing so. Sound familiar? If you’ve not made time to treat yourself at Farm and Table, we strongly suggest you do. This is a true Albuquerque gem.

Marble Brewery is celebrating our 7th Anniversary and we’re thrilled to partner with Farm and Table for another celebration dinner. On April 21st, Farm and Table will host a five course Marble beer dinner, each course built for its beer counterpart. We’ll showcase five unique beers for this one, none being part of our “classics” family. Our playful lineup will showcase multiple approaches to brewing. Beers of differing styles dance with a variety of yeast strains and hop varieties, taking guests on a sensory ride through old and new-world techniques. Some will have gone through transformations from time spent in oak barrels and secondary fermentation, while others boast simplistic complexity thorough modern methods. This will be a night to remember and we expect to see many of our longtime family-of-supporters at this one.

This will sell out fast, so make your reservations soon!