Meet the Staff

Ted Rice

In 1995, Ted Rice decided to turn his love for good food and beverage into a career. After visiting several breweries and receiving a home brew kit from his brother, Ted went to his local brewpub and landed a job washing kegs and assisting the brewers. In 1998, Ted completed the American Brewer’s Guild Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering course. Since then, Ted has run several successful breweries and has won multiple GABF and World Beer cup medals along with numerous local accolades.

Sales and Distribution

Aaron Moore

Aaron has over fifteen years of experience in sales and service management, specializing in the food and beverage industry. He decided to narrow his focus towards craft beer in 2009, when he joined Team Marble. As Sales Director, he controls the outflow of beer. Keeping our brand in the hands of customers in all markets can be quite a task at times, one he welcomes daily. When he’s not crunching numbers, he’s enjoying craft beer and spending time with his family and friends.


Josh Trujillo

New Mexico native Josh was raised in the north valley were he still resides. A jack of all trades with a welding/construction background, Josh can fix just about anything. He enjoys fishing, camping, hunting, mountain biking, operas, moshpits and brewing beer. In 2008, Josh landed at Marble Brewery working as a bar back and helping the pub cleaning crew. He quickly worked his way up through almost every position. Josh gained his brewing chops here at Marble and graduated from the American Brewers Guild in 2011. In the summer of 2012, Josh became Marble’s head brewer.

Anna Kornke

With humble beginnings rooted in a bus/house combination in Silver City, NM,
you could say Anna has come a long way. She graduated from UNM in 2009 with
a B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science and immediately secured a lab position
at The Heart Hospital. After over a year at the lab bench, having mastered
the intricacies of every human fluid, she sought a more challenging and
complex arena. Enter Marble Brewery and the art of crafting beer. Part
science, part dark magic, Anna has fallen in love with the process of
brewing and the community that surrounds it. She enjoys being surrounded by
people with fun-loving attitudes and a commitment to creating a quality
product. As a native New Mexican, she is proud to be part of the craft beer
scene here. When not wrangling yeast, Anna enjoys spending time outside rock
climbing, camping, snowboarding and road-tripping.

Nathan Jackson

Nathan grew up with a passion for learning about how things work. He took apart electronics as a kid and learned to put them back together, though not always successfully. Thankfully, he’s gotten better, and it’s not surprising that he is now in charge of all things packaging for Marble Brewery. So, the next time you drink a bottle or can of Marble beer, know that there was probably a lot of taking things apart and putting them back together to get you that perfectly packaged beer.