Food Trucks

Street Food Blvd

Street Food Blvd build the best Street Food you’ve ever laid eyes on! They start with only the freshest ingredients and build it with one important secret ingredient – LOVE.
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Sundays 5-9 pm Westside Taproom

Artisan Valley Smokehouse born in the heart of the South Valley. Proudly serving ABQ and striving to give a Vintage Smokehouse Experience that is truly “Farm to Fork”. Our in-house Micro-Farm in cooperation with Kyzer Farms allows us to offer hand-raised organic meats and farm fresh vegetables in items like our Artisan BLT, Santa Barbara Tri-Tip and Old Fashioned Chicharrones. Come check us out at farmers markets and breweries around the city.
EAT LOCAL…….You can follow Artisan Valley Smokehouse on Facebook

Ironwood Kitchen

Ironwood Kitchen offers comfort food standbys like hamburgers, as well as New Mexican favorites like burritos, tacos and enchiladas. Nothing is processed; there are no pre-breaded items and nothing frozen. They even make homemade french fries and to top it off every Tuesday is TACO Tuesday…$1 tacos all day! They are hard shell tacos filled with beef, cheddar cheese, and garnished with lettuce and tomato. You can bookmark their Website or follow them on Facebook
Monday-Saturday Westside Taproom

Irrational Pie

Who doesn’t love a good pizza and beer, these two go hand in hand. Irrational Pie offers authentic wood fired pizza. You can order one of their notorious pizzas or just build your own with the plenty of ingredients they offer. You can follow Irrational Pie on Facebook , Twitter and bookmark their Website
Mondays noon-11 pm

Cheesy Street

Classic and creative grilled cheese sandwiches. They like to get a little crazy with the cheese! Fresh, house made tomato soup and salads on the side! Follow them on Facebook or @ Twitter
Sundays 12-4pm Westside Taproom

Don Choche

Chicharroneria Don Choche is a family run food truck that specializes in Mexican street food. Their menu includes quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and tamales. We love to pair their carnitas with spicy green sauce and Marble IPA. Ted recently did an interview with Albuquerque the Magazine, explaining why he enjoys this pairing. You can follow them on Facebook
Thursdays 5-close and Fridays 5-close

Karibu Cafe

Their Mobile Kitchen Units are serving most delicious cuisine from the coast of East Africa with Indian, Arabic, Mediterranean and Caribbean fusions using the most authentic ingredients possible. You can follow them on Facebook at Facebook
Thursdays noon-5pm

Rustic Food Truck pic

This brushed metal truck houses some of the best burgers you will find in Albuquerque. With sourced local ingredients (Belen ground chuck, Wagner Farms’ green chili, and Fano Bread Company fresh baked buns), Kelly Adams creations are truly “divine.” You can follow Rustic on Facebook and on Twitter
Fridays noon-9pm

The Street Food Institute is a nonprofit organization focusing on creating small business growth through hands-on entrepreneurial training. The culinary program allows select culinary students, overseen by faculty, to gain direct experience in multiple aspects of working as a street food vendor. The menu is always fresh and changing due to the sourcing of local ingredients as well as the variation on the current students working at the truck. Street Food Institute is part of an evolving food culture that seeks to provide increased choices of nourishing and affordable food that are not only tasty, but also build community. Find us on Facebook and at Website
Wednesdays 5-11 pm

TFK 4-3

TFK Smokehouse fills the patio with welcoming smoked meat aromas. If you are looking for pastrami, brisket, pork, ham, corned beef, or smoked turkey, this is your food truck. You can follow The Talking Fountain Kitchen on Facebook
Tuesdays noon-11 pm & Saturdays noon-7 pm