Food Trucks

Born out of the desire to share a slice of the Korean countryside with the Duke City, Soo Bak Foods incorporates classic Korean cuisine with new world twists. The love and Seoul in their cooking can be tasted in their Dwaeji Bulgogi (spicy pork) tacos, their Korean Chile Cheese Fries, and their rotating daily specials inspired by seasonal ingredients. Not only do they offer several delicious meat dishes, they also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options cooked in vegetarian fryer oil, prepared on separate cooking surfaces, and made with tamari (wheat free soy sauce). You can follow Soo Bak on Facebook , Twitter and bookmark their website @
Sundays noon-10 pm

TFK 4-3

TFK Smokehouse fills the patio with welcoming smoked meat aromas. If you are looking for pastrami, brisket, pork, ham, corned beef, or smoked turkey, this is your food truck. You can follow The Talking Fountain Kitchen on Facebook
Tuesdays noon-11 pm & Wednesdays noon-5 pm

The Supper Truck creates fresh, modern Southern fare by taking traditional favorites and giving them an over-the-top twist. Your taste buds will rejoice! The menu changes with the seasons and their creative culinary moods, but you can always expect a take on Shrimp ‘n’ Grits and other classics like Pulled Pork Sliders, Cornmeal Crusted Catfish Tacos, and Fried Chicken Bahn Mi. Their Hand-Cut Pimiento Cheese Fries with MoMo Sauce are a menu staple. Gimme some MoMo! Find us on Facebook, Our Website or Twitter @thesuppertruck.
Wednesdays 5-11 pm and Saturdays noon-11 pm

Chicharroneria Don Choche is a family run food truck that specializes in Mexican street food. Their menu includes quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and tamales. We love to pair their carnitas with spicy green sauce and Marble IPA. Ted recently did an interview with Albuquerque the Magazine, explaining why he enjoys this pairing. You can follow them on Facebook at Thursdays 5-close and Fridays 5-close

Rustic Food Truck pic

This brushed metal truck houses some of the best burgers you will find in Albuquerque. With sourced local ingredients (Belen ground chuck, Wagner Farms’ green chili, and Fano Bread Company fresh baked buns), Kelly Adams creations are truly “divine.” You can follow Rustic on Facebook and on Twitter
Fridays noon-9

The Street Food Institute is a nonprofit organization focusing on creating small business growth through hands-on entrepreneurial training. The culinary program allows select culinary students, overseen by faculty, to gain direct experience in multiple aspects of working as a street food vendor. The menu is always fresh and changing due to the sourcing of local ingredients as well as the variation on the current students working at the truck. Street Food Institute is part of an evolving food culture that seeks to provide increased choices of nourishing and affordable food that are not only tasty, but also build community. Find us on Facebook and at Website
Wednesdays 12-5pm