Style Guide

Our tap rooms have a large selection of draft brews, some of which are not available anywhere else, so come in and sample something special. This list shows where and when each beer is available and while we make every effort to keep it current, sometimes things change at the last minute.

Draft beer pricing: (Brew Club Member pricing in parentheses)
4oz $1.75  10oz $4 ($3.50)  Pint 16oz $5 ($4)  Imperial Pint 22oz $6.50 ($5) 

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Our interpretation of a German classic. Dry hopped & unfiltered, this lager if floral, spicy & crisp.

4.7% ABV  16oz. $5

Wildflower Wheat

An unfiltered American Wheat Ale accented with New Mexico wildflower honey. Our “liquid sopapilla.”

5.6% ABV 16oz. $5

Amber Ale

Brewed with a blend of toasted and caramel malts for a full body, finished with a light, aromatic dry hop.
5.4% ABV  16oz. $5

Red Ale

Bold and bright, our American-Style Red Ale bursts with hops balanced by a blend of caramel & toasted malts.

6.5% ABV 16oz. $5

India Pale Ale

Our favorite aromatic and bittering hops deliver a fragrant citrus aroma & snappy hop character to this eminently-quaffable IPA.

6.8% ABV 16oz. $5

Oatmeal Stout

Brewed with flaked oats and a blend of three roasted malts, this luxurious stout has a creamy texture with dark notes of espresso and chocolate.

5.8% ABV 16oz. $5

Double White

Delicate and dry, pale and hazy, this Belgian-inspired wheat ale is accented with traditional spices.

7.0% ABV 16oz. $5

Double India Pale Ale

Deep golden color with a lean malt base. Our DIPA is a barrage of juicy, resinous hop character.
8.0% ABV 16oz Pint $6

Imperial Red

Brewed with royalty in mind, no expense was spared in crafting our Imperial Red Ale. Generous hop additions blend harmoniously with long layers of dark caramel malt to create this big, delicious brew.

9.0% ABV 16oz. $6

Dang Pale Ale

A refreshing balance of Fine American Hops, wildflower honey, and orange peel. OH Sweet Sunshine!

5.0% ABV 16oz. $5

White Out

American hop flavor greets spicy Belgian ale yeast in our artful Anniversary Brew. Coriander and Curacao orange peel brighten a storm of Citra and Mosaic. A study in contrast, White Out’s flavor profile is uniquely Marbleous.

9.0% ABV. 16oz. $6.

Dark Strong

A Belgian inspired dark ale with notes of deep caramel, dark chocolate, and dried fruit. A roasted malt aroma and pleasant warmth round out this brew, making it perfect for any winter night.

9.3% ABV 13oz. $7

Barkin' Clark Dark

Styled in collaboration with legendary local KKOB radio personality Bob Clark, Chinook, Galaxy & Simcoe hops highlight this impressively aromatic India Black Ale to celebrate his 10-year anniversary.

 6.9% ABV 16oz. $6

All Barke, Nein Bitter

Passionately crafted in the S.M.A.S.H. style utilizing only Weyermann Barke Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops. Clean notes of honey and flowers are the backbone to this fine iteration of a Helles Bock.  

6.5% ABV 16oz. $5

Choco Mole Lager

Inspired by the unique flavors of Oaxacan Mole sauces, this well rounded lager is supported by the addition of Chipotle, Ancho, and Red chile peppers along with the subtle, balanced chocolate flavor of cacao nibs.

6.4% ABV 13oz. $7

American Porter

In contrast to the typically richer/sweeter Porters we often see, this American version is a touch more robust and slightly drier with assertive, underlying hop presence.

5.35% ABV 16oz. $5

Northeast By Northeast

Vibrant peach and overripe orange greets the palate followed by a pillowy soft finish. This aromatic and tropical IPA is Marble’s homage to the new wave of hazy ales coming out of the Northeastern United States.

6.3% ABV 14oz. $5

Centennial Rye IPA

A Rye IPA built around the very versatile, classic American Centennial hop variety. BIG, expressive characteristics of orange marmalade, Meyer lemons, and pine grace the palate from beginning to end.

7.0% ABV 16oz. $6

Steel Maverick

Brewed in collaboration with Steelbender Brewyard, this potent Belgian inspired Red Ale boasts clean alcohol and savory notes of sarsparilla root coupled with toffee, flowers, and roasted plantains.  

8.9% ABV 14oz. $8

India Wheat Ale

Pungent aromas of lemons, limes, pine, and dank highlight this hopped up, effervescent American wheat ale.

6.0% ABV 16oz. $6

Woodshed Double Red

Why sacrifice the rich, nuanced flavors of a Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Red for the drinkability of Marble’s classic Red Ale when you can achieve both through this rich, yet inviting From the Wood offering.

7.7% ABV 14oz. $7

The Golden Ape

Love, patience, and time are the key to this fruity, crisp, dry spring offering. A secondary fermentation of Brettanomyces Clausenii and apricot create the ultimate expression of Funk & Flavor.

6.4% ABV 14oz. $8