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2016 Imperial Stout Release Party

‘Tis the season for one of my favorite beer styles: Imperial Stout, also known as Russian Imperial Stout. This is not because the Russians hacked into the Brewers Association’s database of beer recipes or anything nefarious like that. It got the name, so the legend goes, due to Russia’s Peter the Great’s discovery of the flavorful Porter beers being brewed in England in the late 1600’s. When a shipment he requested from England arrived spoiled, he contacted Amazon customer service, who contacted Barclay and Perkins Brewery, who came up with a recipe for a higher alcohol beer that could survive… read more

Marble Eastside Brewing System: Whatever Dreams May Come

As if Marble didn’t have enough going on with a 7,000 sq. ft. brewery expansion and a new canning line that spans ten football fields (slight exaggeration), they decided to open another taproom. And they figured, hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we just add in a whole new brewery?
Now, as anyone who has embarked on a project and spent way more time and money at Home Depot than they envisioned, building stuff is never easy. But hey, Marble’s first brewery was built back when they only had those Time/Life how-to books available. Today, they have the… read more

Stout Americano Release

I know coffee. Rather, I know I like coffee. Can’t start a day without it. But my wife, she LOVES coffee. With a passion. She’s turned the kitchen into a science lab, what with the French press, Aeropress, the Chemex beaker thing, a Keurig for the “OMG I slept through my alarm!!!” days, etc. She’s even started wondering aloud about how could we swing one of those $10,000 fancy Clover coffee machines. I tell her to start a blog. Only a two-blogger family can afford such things.
But a coffee is only as good as the beans used to… read more

Stay Funky, My Friends

Brettanomyces Bruxellensis!
No, that is not a spell that Harry Potter used to defeat Lord Voldemort, though we do think there is something magical going on in our Brett IPA. And we have Brettanomyces Bruxellensis to thank for that, one of a number of wild yeast strains in the Brettanomyces family and the star of our latest special release.The strains of Brett are obviously related just by the fact that they are all nearly impossible to spell, with siblings having names like Custersianus and Naardenensis. They would make for quite an interesting family sticker on the back of an… read more

Calling All Artists

Have you ever had one of your drawings proudly displayed on the family refrigerator?
Have you taken that test where you draw a turtle and pirate and get told by an art school that they will indeed be happy to take your money?
Or maybe you’re just a person with a talent and a voice that can only be expressed through your art. Well, maybe we could use your help…
Our Marble Westside Tap Room is completing expansion, but the wall behind our stage is glaringly naked. We are looking for an artist who shares the bold,… read more

Imperial Stout: Drink Like Royalty!

That’s the amazing number of pounds of malted barley that went into the making of our special release Imperial Stout, introduced to a capacity crowd at both of our tap rooms this past Wednesday (and if you missed the manchego stuffed meatballs that Rustic prepared specifically to pair with the Imperial Stout, well…where were you???) Fear not though; we will be doing more special release/food pairings in the near future- keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for details. But back to the Imperial Stout and those 3580 pounds of magic: we threw the kitchen sink of… read more

Reserve Returns

Many brewers will craft beers that are considered “true to style”, whether that be according to BJCP or Brewer’s Association guidelines, in order to garner medals or just to keep with tradition. But some Marble beers don’t fit the mold, and we are just fine with that. Take our latest release, Marble Reserve. With it’s deep amber hues, there is no mistaking it for a stout. And it doesn’t have the syrupy sweet character of so many Barleywines on the market. American Strong Ale? Wellll, we guess it fits into that catch-all category, but when it comes down to it,… read more


Perhaps a first for Marble Brewery: A German-style Rauchbier will soon be on draft. Head Brewer Josh is a big fan of German styles, and he visits the Bamberg region to bring you a Rauchbier, or smoke beer. The Rauchbier utilizes smoked malts to create a harmonious medley of plums, figs, and raisins with a lingering smoky finish. Jarrylo hops are the sole star in the single hop (and aptly named) Jarrylo IPA. The dual purpose hop offers notes of pear and orange while having enough bitterness to remind you that you are indeed drinking an IPA!… read more

Three Cheers For Seven Years!

Seven Years!

At Marble we love what we do. We appreciate the finer things in life and love working with others who do also. When doing anything (especially when creating a consumable product) being meticulous and unwavering in execution is crucial. When you blend this with a fun, inviting, and warm environment for people to come together, you’ve really got something. Our great friends at Farm and Table do just that. They are farmers, as well as restauranteurs. They are deeply committed to quality in every aspect of… read more

7 Year Anniversary Week!

Celebrate 7 years of Marble with us the week of April 20th! The festivities get started on 4/20 at our Downtown Pub with live music by Reviva from 6-9 pm. Tuesday, join us for a scrumptious beer dinner at Farm and Table. Wednesday, we’re releasing Brett IPA at all 3 Marble locations. Thursday, visit our Westside Tap Room to sample Fruity Firkins. Friday,we’re throwing down at the El Rey for our Anniversary Extravaganza. Saturday, at our Santa Fe Tap Room, enjoy live music in the courtyard by David Berkeley and Dead Winter Carpenters are playing in the courtyard. Our Anniversary Week ends on Sunday… read more